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Rotarybox Classic

The acclaimed classic Galileo rotary speaker simulation re-engineered to give even more realistic tones, and now fully stereo! Includes 3 cabinet types, as well as adjustable slow/fast rates, drum and horn inertia, speaker balance, stereo spread, and 3 drum rotor operation modes.


Asymmetric-clipping "Class A" inspired tube modeling preamp with ultra-smooth gain, creamy distortion and tone stack custom designed for the Galileo 2 organ. Also includes mid-focus toggle for switching between American and British tube tones.


Extensive features include 4 unique wah types, adjustable sweep width & center, and emphasis. Can be operated manually like a traditional wah, or via the built in, bpm syncable, auto-wah submodule. Autowah includes 5 sweep curves; continuous, trigger-reset, and one-shot sweep modes; adjustable rate and phase, as well as velocity tracking.

Ring Mod




Organ Essentials Bundle

Explore the endless sonic possibilities with this collection of 10 made-for-Galileo FX and amps, available now at a special discounted "bundle" price. Organ Essentials consists of:

Rotary 2122

Here’s our newest and truest take on the classic “closed” rotary cabinet that lent legendary tones to countless recordings. We applied our brand-new rotary and cabinet/space modeling technology to achieve a deep, authentic tone. We also integrated the classic 1950s tube amp design to provide unique harmonic structure and attack of valve driven amps, and then hot-rodded it for a wider range of gain than the usual. We modernized it by adding a powerful 5-parameter tonestack of our own design that perfectly complements Galileo Organ’s aural characteristics. The result is a warm, accurate rotary tone that one would find hard to believe is created on your iDevice. Inspired by a "closed" Leslie 122.

British Sea Lord

This is one larger-than-life amplifier — featuring our latest Virtual Tube modeling technology, and designed to recreate the tonal explosion that happens when a tonewheel organ is connected to a large vintage British stack! Includes special modifications to make the pairing even sweeter, as well as an extra wide gain curve to provide anything from the lightest hint of crunch to the heaviest, richest distortion. The 4x12 slant ‘Greenback’ cabinet, full of throaty midrange goodness, can conveniently be turned on or off, so that you can pair British Sea Lord with our Rotary Box cabinet emulator for a totally Frankenstein hybrid. Big starts here. Inspired by a modified early 1970s Marshall® Major

Spring Reverb

Our tube-driven spring reverb is an essential part of the classic tonewheel organ sound. We devoted our R&D time to analyzing the electromechanical principles, as well as the tube circuitry of these units, and poured the results into the Yonac Spring Reverb. With proprietary algorithms giving you the perfect "boinginess," diffusion patterns, and response of these unique designs, our reverb also includes a handy, analog-inspired tone control for additional power over the reverb timbre and feel. The length and characteristics of the reverb can be adjusted via the Dwell knob, while the emphasis can be specified with the Mix knob. The result is authenticity that can’t be obtained by traditional digital reverb designs.

Mega Reverb

Our professional, studio-grade reverb has all the settings and parameters that make it MEGA - like its name. Warm, authentic space emulation algorithms, combined with total user control over parameters ranging from room size, reflection spread, early and late reflections as well as dual-stage tonality makes this the perfect accomplice for helping Galileo Organ’s sounds come alive! Whether you want to add that subtle, sweet edge or all-out bury the sound, Mega Reverb has you covered. Other features include settable early and late predelay amounts, as well as a reverb freeze function.

Studio Delay

The feature-filled dual channel delay designed to give big, stereophonic echoes. Each of the dual individually adjustable taps features time, feedback, mix and pan controls. Dual high and low tone controls let you sculpt the repeats to fit the stereo field like a glove. Thanks to the BPM-syncing feature, you can easily dial in rhythmic taps. Additional professional features include mix and pan phase inversion, as well as a handy mono mode switch.

Stereo Chorus

Add depth and texture to your tone with our custom-tuned stereo chorus packed with high end features. In addition to controllable depth and rate, Stereo Chorus offers parameters for color, regeneration amount, stereo spread, tone, FX mix, output gain, BPM-syncing with a wide note value range, and even selectable modulation waveform. Built to be tweakable to the highest precision, Stereo Chorus makes for big and warm organ tones emanating from your fingertips.

Super Phaser

Powerful 4-stage stereo phaser with complete control over many phasing parameters, including rate, depth, tonality, feedback, sweep width, and stereo spread. Thanks to this intense tweakability, Super Phaser is able to dial in the characteristics of many different makes and models of phasers at a breeze. More importantly, it opens the door to many fresh phaser sounds that typical units can’t. Also includes BPM syncing functionality for the tempo conscious.

Big Flanger

Fully featured, studio-grade stereo flanger for those extra wide, extra heavy jet-engine tones. Achieve an immense variety of tones thanks to individually adjustable depth, tone, and feed. Adjustable spread ensures control over how “massive” the sound is over the stereo field, while the rate control and the handy BPM syncing feature allow you to perfectly tune in the period of the sweeps. Combine with our rotary emulators for an extra interesting texture.

Graphic EQ

Make things interesting with this 10+2 band graphic equalizer specially tuned for the Galileo Organ spectrum. True stereo processing, low and high cut filters, as well as output gain are combined with an analog-voiced filter array. Wide range gain/cut in each band allows anything from subtle to aggressive tonal sculpting. A must-have for adding that professional edge to any organ patch.

TC4 Compressor

The prime weapon in many a famous producer’s studio arsenal, a good compressor is absolutely essential for getting a polished, professional tone. TC4 is an analog-modeling compressor specially adapted for organ use. Featuring settable threshold, ratio, knee, as well as attack and release times, it is perfect for adding character and (depending on how it’s used) unique dynamics to the tone. TC4 is capable of a wide range of compression effects, from evening out the dynamics, to creating aggressive pumping, and even to emulating the old school shimmering squash. True stereo processing and gain compensation control also included.