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Big & Pure Analog Synth Tones

We've been working long and hard to develop Kauldron's completely new virtual-analog technology. The result is our warmest, punchiest synth to date! We augmented this by designing many brand new features, so that big synth sounds come easily. Full of rich, complex analog textures yet deceptively easy to use, Kauldron is a pure, honest synthesizer that requires little help from FX or post-production to take centerstage.

Pushing the Envelope

Kauldron pushes every available iOS music technology to the max. It is universal, so you can run it natively on your iPad & iPhone. It is also a powerful, fully-featured AUv3 plugin, so you can use it with your favorite iOS DAW. In fact, Kauldron is one of the first Audio Units to offer a fullscreen mode. With iOS 11 and a compatible DAW, you can enjoy all the great Kauldron features on a nice, big spread as well.

A.I. Meets the Synth: SPAWN2

Kauldron debuts the next generation of our Artificial Intelligence preset creation system, SPAWN2. Completely reimagining the groundbreaking SPAWN algorithms in our hugely popular Magellan, the new SPAWN2 gives you unprecedented control over generating presets. In the expert mode, you can accomplish anything from subtle 'variations on a theme' to bold new sounds. In the basic mode, where Kauldron does all the thinking, you get preset after usable preset with just a touch. This is not simple randomization: it is the power of machine learning put to benevolent use!

Superb Modulation & Expression Options

Kauldron is designed with modulation and fine dynamic control in mind. The two fully-featured LFOs and the mod envelope combine with a wide variety of MIDI learnable controls to manipulate multiple parameters. Everything is easily set up in a clearly laid out modulation matrix. The dual XY-pads can be used for controlling modulation or a wide range of synth parameters. MIDI aftertouch, velocity, keytracking and more can be routed via the matrix for even greater control over expression and tonality.

Over 900 Factory Presets

In addition to the revolutionary SPAWN2 technology, Kauldron comes with 900+ presets written to cover a vast array of genres and sounds. Thanks to the next generation of our powerful preset management system, sharing and organizing presets is easier than ever. As one of the biggest arsenals of factory patches offered in a brand new iOS synth, this preset collection makes Kauldron an amazing value.

Pro Features

Versatile arpeggiator with live and two program modes, as well as many stepping algorithms; studio quality effects; robust and highly comprehensive MIDI; effortless MIDI learn and CC Map management; option to select between ribbon controller with poly aftertouch and classic keyboard with adjustable virtual velocity; recording, sharing, Inter-App Audio, Audiobus 3, Ableton Link -- these are just a few of the amazing features brewing inside the Yonac Kauldron.