Magellan 2: The Return of a Classic

Magellan Synthesizer 2 for iOS

Magellan 2

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With its introduction nearly a decade ago, Magellan pushed the boundaries of iOS technology and quickly became one of the platform’s most popular synths. Continuing this pedigree, Yonac’s flagship Magellan Synthesizer 2 is a new alchemy of pristine sounds, innovative features, and devotion to user friendliness — all the same preserving the wicked soul of the original.

Cutting-edge synthesis technology, punchier tones, warmer filters, greater modulation options, AUv3, MPE, universal app/plugin, brand-new presets: these are just a few of Magellan’s features for a whole new era.

The Magellan Sonics

Magellan’s beating heart is its three realtime virtual-analog oscillators: with their pulse width and blend parameters, the first two connect to a unique Timbre module to derive many additional waveforms. A special Oscillator Unison stage activates additional “secret” oscillators to supply up to 24 oscillators per voice — perfect for supersaws, or true chorus/flange effects obtained right at the synthesis stage. A fully configurable Maximizer module helps create even bigger stereophonic sounds by activating up to 120 simultaneous oscillators per voice.

Unique Hybrid Design

A powerful yet intuitive FM module helps shape Magellan’s unique hybrid design. With its very own ADSR and variable contour generator (with 3 different envelope shapes), it works as an additional sound source and transforms Magellan 2 into a very capable frequency modulation synthesizer. Combined with other oscillators and modulation features, it generates strong multi-layered textures impossible via subtractive synthesis alone.

Dual Filter Banks

Two independent filter banks, 11 different filters, series/parallel selection with variable balance. Completely updated filters incorporate nonlinearities and analog-derived quirks that impart them hefty servings of aural “sugar”. The addition of “FAT” controls helps give added gravitas and harmonic content. Dedicated ADSRs (with extra long maxes) feature specially tuned A/B/C contour generators for totally different playing characteristics.

Powerful Modulation Features

Twin LFOs, modulation envelope, as well as direct control: the backbone of a powerful and versatile modulation system that can take 16 simultaneous targets, each with its own variable amount. In addition, each LFO/Envelope target can be assigned a secondary control (including mappable MIDI, poly aftertouch, CC74 and more) to dynamically vary or even “piggyback” its modulating signal. The inbuilt XY-pad can hit any pair of 140 parameters for realtime control, while the “EZ Velocity” module helps quickly dial in the right touch for amplitude, filters & FM.

A.I. Meets the Synth: SPAWN2

Second generation Yonac SPAWN unlocks the power of A.I. to help create countless original presets. Completely reimagining the groundbreaking SPAWN algorithms in the original Magellan, the new SPAWN2 gives you unprecedented control over generating presets. Powered with an Expert mode, three different algorithms, and configurable machine autonomy down to module level, you can produce anything from subtle variations on a theme to wild new sounds with unrivaled “hit rate” — all at the touch of a button.


The new Magellan’s ultra-efficient engine and flexible user interface are specially designed so that you can run many Magellans simultaneously in your favorite AUv3 DAW or Mixer. Along with massively featured MIDI I/O (complete with MIDI learn/recall, program changes, et al.), Magellan 2 is also MPE compatible with full polyphonic pitch control. Aftertouch and even CC74 are assignable through the mod matrices — and the new onscreen MagTOUCH MPE controller provides voice-wise expression not only within Magellan, but to other MPE apps/devices and inside compatible DAWs as well.

Polyphonic Step / Pattern Sequencer

Lock it in with Magellan's analog-inspired 32 step, 4 track polyphonic step sequencer. Step-wise velocity & gate, key entry, a variety of stepping algorithms, and the swing parameter are just some of the perks. 16-pattern bank with time-lock feature makes live sequencing different phrases a breeze. But you can also let the machine do that, thanks to a handy timeline editor that lets you add, remove or reorder patterns. All of this can be saved to file and easily shared.

Arp & ChordMaker

An important part of Magellan's essence is its powerful yet easy-to-use arpeggiator. A musical as well as rhythmic tool, it offers both live and trigger modes (with a foolproof program buffer). Versatility is ensured through settable step duration, gate, octaving modes, note & octave repeats, swing, as well as 11 stepping algorithms.

To make things a little bit more interesting, Magellan features a unique ChordMaker module. A programmable matrix lets you map each note to a chord with up to four components: this way, playing a single note will actually sound a full chord. Handy features include the ability to change the "scale key", as well as a host of preset matrices, and even a row-wise cycler that loads common (and some not-so-common) chord shapes. And it's all configured so that you can drive the ChordMaker with the arp or the sequencer as well.

Comprehensive FX Rack

10 updated, fully-stereo FX benefit from our other field of expertise: audio processing. The units include Mk III VC-93 compressor specially tuned for synthesizers, 6-band filter/EQ with 9 different types of filters available in each band, overdrive/distortion, bitcrusher, deeply configurable phaser, flanger, chorus, dual-tap delay, as well as parametric reverb. You can also change the order of the signal flow.

...and Many More Pro Features

64-bit internal DSP with up to 96kHz native processing; 360+ newly designed factory presets, with a bank specially produced by Sunsine Audio; Ableton Link, Magellan-to-Magellan 2 patch translator, YPAT3 preset management with iOS Files support, app audio recorder….these are only a few more of Magellan Synthesizer 2 features.