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Magellan for iPad - Professional Analog Modelling Synthesizer

Magellan for iPad - Professional Analog Modelling Synthesizer

Magellan for iPad Tutorial 1: Dual Synths

We show how to operate Magellan's TWO independent polyphonic synth engines.

SHREDDER - iPad Synth for Guitar

Several examles of using a guitar to control amazing synth sounds.

SHREDDER 1.1 - iPad Synth for Guitar with Chordmaker

Introducing Chordmaker on SHREDDER - play polyphonic guitar chords with just one note!

SHREDDER for iPad - Teaser

A quick first listen of the aweome synth for guitar.

SHREDDER for iPhone: Synth for Guitar TEASER

Our Baroque teaser video for SHREDDER for iPhone

SHREDDER for iPhone - Synth for Guitar

Take the full tour of features in SHREDDER for iPhone

MiniSynth PRO for iPad: Let There Be MIDI

Our celebration as one of the first iOS apps to take advantage of CoreMIDI.

MiniSynth PRO for the iPad

The first look at the first full-featured synthesizer available for the iPad.

MiniSynth PRO for iPad Polyphony Demo

A brief introduction to multi-voice polyphony.

MiniSynth PRO for iPad Demo with Jim Yonac

Have you met MiniSynth PRO? Here she is in our collaboration with One Line Creative.

MiniSynth PRO for iPad Tutorial: Recording

A quick look at how to record and export with MiniSynth PRO.

MiniSynth PRO Polyphony Teaser

The first brief look at polyphony on MSP.

MiniSynth PRO and iRig MIDI

Playing around with MiniSynth PRO and an external keyboard, joined by iRig MIDI

Old Tune-O-Rama in Action

Pictured here is the 1.0 version of our classic guitar tuner.

Thereminator - The Original iPhone Theremin

A study in horror movie soundtrack of our very own theremin.

18 Strings, 1 Pitchbot: Smart Chromatic Tuner

Watch Pitchbot (for iPhone and iPad) take on all 18 strings of a double neck guitar.

AirVox for iPhone and iPad - Augmented Self Reality Synth

Introducing a REVOLUTION: use gestures to control sound.

AirVox for iOS - Playing Scales

Showing how easy it is to change sound parameters and play scales.

ORGAN+ for iPhone and iPad

Check out our sweet tonewheel and transistor organ emulator!

miniSynth, the iPhone Synthesizer

Our first full demo of the first synthesizer for the iPhone!

God Save the Queen

Original sneak preview to miniSynth.

GhostGuitar - REAL Air Guitar for iPhone and iPad

Just what you always wanted: a TRUE air guitar! Use our Augmented Self Reality to rock out.

MegaSynth, the iPhone Synthesizer

A quick showing of the many screens and features in Megasynth.

MegaSynth Sequencer Demo

A quick demo that shows how to use the sequencer in MegaSynth.

MegaSynth, Being a Synthesizer for the iPhone

A pretty awesome song created with MegaSynth.

OttO for iPhone and iPod Touch

Don't be frightened: it's OttO - The Amazing Live Voice Reversal and FX Gizmo!

Mandolin for iPhone and iPod Touch

Our first demo - a lovely song played on Mandolin!

Steel Guitar for iPhone

A pretty sweet song played on our free app, Steel Guitar!

Steel Guitar for iPhone

A demo of some of Steel Guitar's new features in version 1.1!