Bring on the Beat!

Meet the latest addition to our musical family: miniDrum PRO! Designed to combine power and versatility with uncompromising user-friendliness, miniDrum PRO makes beat creation a cinch. With its hybrid design of step-sequencing and event-based recording, you'll find miniDrum PRO to be an empowering rhythmic tool -- whether you're working in the studio, performing on stage or practicing in the bedroom.

miniDrum PRO comes packed with sounds and gizmos geared to tickle musical creativity. With a sound library that spans every shade from rock-solid acoustic drums to ground-rocking electronic thumps, you'll find it suitable for all musical styles. Add to that its extended editing and customization features -- along with a spectacular stereo FX stack -- and ideas will appear to come out of nowhere. Best yet, every piece is clearly and neatly laid out to make miniDrum PRO ready to rock, right out of the box.

The Sequencer

To give you more than one option for writing songs, miniDrum PRO combines a highly intuitive step sequencer with an event based recorder. You can program sequences directly on the screen, or capture them by playing live on the trigger pads. Best yet, there's no limit on the length of your recordings or projects, and no cap on how many projects you can save.

Editing Prowess

miniDrum PRO gives you complete fine-tuning control. You can adjust velocity, pitch, panning and lag for each individual note, and change the beat and repeat counts for each individual measure. You can even create and save your own custom kits from the vast sound library, and edit each pad's velocity, pan, and pitch in the mixer.

The Sound

miniDrum PRO comes packed with 40 carefully compiled instrument bundles, combining over 300 unique sounds. Whether you're looking for a strong acoustic drum sound, or a shimmering electronic beat, it's all there waiting to come out and play, all in 44.1k CD-quality audio. In addition, you can upload and use your own samples (for best results, use 44.1k 16-bit audio samples in WAV, CAF, or AIFF format).


miniDrum PRO packs ample custom-made FX that vastly expand the app's musical potential. With a configurable pass VCF, lush flanger, tube-tone overdrive, bitcrusher and more, you're invited to invent and experiment. Better still, all the FX are true stereo with independently adjustable channels.


Making the best of iPad® in terms of both power and usability, miniDrum PRO is intuitive and hassle-free straight out of the box. With carefully laid out controls and zero-latency trigger pads, miniDrum PRO is welcome on stage as it is in the studio.

Yet More...

Among other features, miniDrum PRO also includes audio copy & audio paste, a fully-configurable control matrix, one-touch bounce to audio for use in recording software, Wi-Fi and iTunes based file transfer and 64 preset projects written by actual musicians.