OttO - The Amazing Live Sound Reversal and FX Gizmo

Just what is OttO saying? He's repeating your words backwards, LIVE as you speak. Just mutter something into the mic and hear your words back in reverse. Slow it down, speed it up, or turn it all around. Add a bit of modulation, a bit of delay and a touch of filter to make it sound like something from the beyond. Record it all and save it for posterity. And the best part, do all this as you go! From bone-chilling to downright funny, OttO is designed to deliver sonic entertainment to your ears in a fool-proof, simple and effective package.

Go reverse or forward

OttO offers you two audio processing modes to choose from: use "R" (for Reverse) to flip your voice backwards. Use "N" to hear it forwards, and then manipulate the sounds as you please.

Everything is Live

Unlike anything else that came before, OttO is completely LIVE! You don't hit any buttons to make it work its reversal magic, thanks to our special "on-line" audio reversal algorithms. You just launch it and speak....OttO will figure it all out.

How's My Monster Voice?

Using its intuitive pitch shift matrix, you can make your voice as deep as ice or as shrill as a tin bell. With modulation, you can make your voice springy or plain strange. What's more, all this stuff works live too, as you speak!

Nuf, Nuf, Nuf

Some of the weird effects you can obtain with OttO: say a word in reverse. Let OttO turn it around and speak it back to you for added chill. Or grab your guitar and have OttO flip the notes for bizzare, bizzare effects. Get mischievous and experiment!

Stereo Delay and Resonant Filter

OttO also comes with a nicely tuned dual-channel delay, and a custom-designed resonant filter. Its filter can work in LPF, HPF or Bandpass mode. Use these FX to add a couple of extra dimensions to your other-wordly creations.


Save your creations via OttO's built-in recording feature. Via the included Wi-Fi support, transfer files directly to your computer! Or play back your sounds to your friends directly in the app.