For Guitar Lovers Everywhere... the enchanting sound of steel-pressing-against nickel: here, in all its sweaty homebrewn glory, is the very first real steel probably ever to exist on your iPhone and iPod Touch...Steel Guitar. With its gorgeous open-tuning sounds (you can change the tuning on the spot, to your preference), easy-to-manipulate "slide bar" and accelerometer controlled string bending, it is a unique app that fits the iPhone interface like the proverbial glove. Unlike the countless copycat guitar apps with pain-in-the-neck controls and non-existent playability, Steel Guitar is a masterpiece of elegance and simplicity that is built to empower your musicality. Experience it for yourself.

Not One, But 4 x 4

Steel Guitar offers you four instruments that defined countless genres such as Rock, Blues and Country. Each instrument in turn offers a choice among four unique tube-driven tones. Whether you play it as a lap steel with a tolex flavor, or as a full-blown 10-string with a bell-clean ring, you'll find yourself in tone purgatory with burning strings.

Pedal to the Metal

Obtain the coveted precise-bend effect of the pedal steel via your device's accelerometer. Simply lay it flat, pluck, and rotate along the four axes to play a lick, or change the chord. To boot, the accel is fully-configurable: you can assign any string or the virtual volume pedal to any axis, and individually set the amount to bend. With some experimentation, you can easily invent novel progressions or licks that lead to never-before-heard ideas.

Playability First

Good software doesn't frustrate. Why imitate Fred Astaire on five fingertips dancing on a pea-sized fretboard (potentially leading to early breakage of your phone), when you can simply use a single fingertip to slide through a I-IV-V? And with a scroller design that even your cat can figure out, you have no need studying for new skills in iPhone playing: instead, concentrate on music making right out of the box.

Pluck 'n' Tune

For those who miss experimenting with tunings on a real guitar, we have designed the tuning interface so that you can change the tuning of each string while listening to it. Not having to worry about turning a peg, just tap the arrows and pluck to see where it takes you.

Surf the 'Verb

We have also included our very own reverb module in Steel Guitar. Influenced by the tape-delay and spring reverb machines of the yore, turn it on to drench your sound with a fat echoey glory that'll evoke Misorlou without even trying. Flip on the chorus too, if you wish to get extra medieval on that behind.


With settable fretboard dimensions, configurable pedal setup and more, you have ample room for experimentation. Let your style and sound come alive as you play. And when the jamming bug comes a-bitin', turn on your iPod, launch Steel Guitar and play along to the song.