The Original iPhone Theremin

The first and still the best theremin for the iPhone/iPod Touch! Offering you the authentic sound with an easy-to-use touch based control, Thereminator will prolly take you on a ride from Russia to a horror movie soundtrack, ending at the stage at MSG circa 1973...but the song won't remain the same.

It's All in a Wave

Thereminator sounds like the real thing. But where the real thing gave you only one, Thereminator gives you four special waveforms to choose from. Topped with its blanket-warm built-in reverb, who'd tell the difference between DI and tubes?

Wherefrom? Whereto?

Thereminator now includes a note/frequency grid which you can turn on and off. When you get tired of freestylin', switch the grid on and it'll show you where each note or frequency is on the screen.

Plug In, If You Dare

Never a tame-o by nature, Thereminator becomes a true monster when passed through your amp. We should know after all those noise injunctions.