Tuners: Not One But Two!

Tune-O-Rama is a fully-automatic musical tuner for the iPhone. It features two tuners in one package: chromatic and automatic. The chromatic module performs intelligent pitch/tone detection in the range ~20-1250 Hz, suitable for use with a wide variety of instruments. On the other hand, the automatic module is specially designed for the guitar and bass, and features intelligent string prediction as well as 20 alternate tunings.

Chromatic or Automatic, Sire?

Use it as a chromatic tuner to tune anything (even a pan pipe, if you wish). If not, use the auto mode to tune your guitar or bass. Switch between modes by a single press of a button. As simple as that.

The Art of Detection

Designed and engineered in our very own lab with ample patience and care, Tune-O-Rama features a unique 4-Stage pitch detection algorithm for ultra sensitive and accurate readings.

Careful With That Axe

Providing 20 easy-to-browse alternate tunings and +/- note transposition, it's small matter to tune that axe to an Open G or down to an E flat, O my Brothers.

Compatible with iPod Touch 2G

2nd Generation iPod Touch owners can now officially use Tune-O-Rama for all their pitch-related needs. Simply plug in an iPod-compatible mic into the speaker jack and make tuning a breeze!