• Q: How can I use Roxsyn with my MIDI keyboard?
  • A: Roxsyn processes audio directly, so there are no MIDI triggers involved for making sound. It won’t work with a MIDI keyboard or any MIDI instrument. You can still use MIDI CC’s to control the knobs and switches.

  • Q: I just downloaded or reinstalled an app and something is not acting as it should...
  • A: Please try deleting and reinstalling the app on your device before contacting us. Remember to back up any user-created presets or recordings before you delete the app.

  • Q: How can I restore my previous IAP purchases?
  • A: In ToneStack, ToneStack GO, and Steel Guitar, choose the RESTORE PURCHASES option on the upper left of that app's IAP store. You'll need to be signed into the account you previously used to purchase IAPs from that app.

  • Q: How can I use Steel Guitar with MIDI IN/MIDI OUT?
  • A: Steel Guitar uses legato sounds that cannot be transferred via MIDI. Therefore, Steel Guitar does not support MIDI IN/OUT.

  • Q: I can't get an app to recognize any sounds. What should I do?
  • A: Please ensure that you allow that app to access the microphone on your device. To do this, go to the SETTINGS app, select PRIVACY, and then MICROPHONE. You should see the option to allow or deny the app access to the microphone.



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