Finally, a REAL air guitar...

Rock out on your very own invisible, air guitar. All you need is your own hands!

Magical Augmented Self Reality

Other apps require holding the device to imitate the air guitar - but not GhostGuitar! Our groundbreaking Realtime Mobile Machine Vision (REMMVi) technology comes straight from our haunted labs to allow you to play air guitar as the world knows it: use your left hand to fret a chord and your right hand to strum or pick. How does it work? Glad you asked, Timmy! First GhostGuitar asks to sync with the back of your right hand. Now it can recognize your hands as you play. Move your hands along the guitar body on the screen. The chord you are fretting or string you are plucking will glow when selected. And don't forget: GhostGuitar works best with a strong, direct light source!

Supernatural Sounds

This is NOT your parents' air guitar! Ghost Guitar comes with four different built in guitars to choose from: Acoustic for haunting campfires, Crunch for that extra spook, Sleek for capturing those surf ghost sounds… but some say the undead are quite partial to the Clean guitar's sound. Top that off with 3 out-of-this-world pedals to use: devilishly distorted Fuzz Goblin, heavenly chorus/vibrato from Ghoul Vibrations, and the demon delay of the psychic Echo-Plasm. Add to these sounds the ability to select your own chords and save your own chord progressions… and you'll be down at the crossroads in no time!

Divine Accompaniment

It can be hard to find a good, non-possessed backing band these days, and exorcisms can be too costly. That's why GhostGuitar has its own GhostBand! Select either drum accompaniment, bass accompaniment, or both. Choose from several different styles - GhostBand can play from Basic Rock to Waltz to Surf to Heavy Metal. Working on your electronic voice phenomena? Just plug in your headphones and use the GhostMic. Have an out-of-body-experience when you hear your voice run through the GhostMic's delay and/or chorus/vibrato effects.

Share Your Own Apparition

Capture your clairvoyant rocking out with GhostGuitar's recording module. If the GhostBand and/or GhostMic are turned on, it will also record those sounds. When finished, choose to save your creation as either a video(audio and visual) or a sound file. But what good are your creations without a medium? Luckily GhostGuitar provides several. You can send your video creations to your YouTube account or device's camera roll, while you can use Audio Copy on your audio creations. All recordings can be emailed or transferred via WiFi.