A Modern Classic Re-Envisioned

Galileo Organ 2 - The Professional Organ for iOS

Galileo Organ 2

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Reality was Never This Good

We sat down, re-studied the whole tonewheel phenomenon, and rewrote all the algorithms that made Galileo famous for its sound quality. The result is an all-new organ that sounds warmer, looms larger, and behaves more real than ever before! Add to that awesome new features like AUv3, native processing at any industry standard sample rate (including 96kHz), 64-bit floating point DSP, and a significantly better workflow. Then there’s a plethora of new parameters, so that you can customize your organ to any shape, size or form you could possibly imagine…we all wish that reality were *that* good. (Did we forget to mention that Galileo 2 is also universal??)

How Legendary Tones are Recreated

At Galileo 2's core is our very own, brand new virtual-analog technology that generates tonewheel and transistor signals in realtime. Effects of characteristics such as harmonic leakage, waveshapes, frequency response, keyclick, and even tonewheel motor behavior have all been studied and carefully recreated. Galileo 2 also provides a well thought out set of parameters, so that you can easily dial in the tones of an of any age or condition. Virtual-tube amplifiers and sophisticated rotary speaker/amp simulations round out the successor of what many consider the best organ on iOS.

Best of FX

All the classic Galileo effects, including the acclaimed RotaryBox, are completely rewritten for greater realism and superior tone; plus they are now fully stereo! Galileo 2 also offers a superb collection of custom effects & amps designed to evoke the best organ tones and expand your sonic palette.

FX management just got better too! Thanks to the new Galileo 2 virtual signal chain, you can add, remove or reorder effects, and even have multiple instances of the same unit.

All the Pro Features

Galileo 2 has gone all AUv3! Just plug it into your favorite iOS DAW and go, go, go. Even have multiple instances running at the same time; change patches, adjust parameters, or double up on the fly. MIDI you say? With fully implemented MIDI learn for the organ and all the FX, keyboard mapping options, program changes and much more, Galileo 2 eats MIDI for breakfast every Wednesday. Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, Ableton Link are also amply provided.

Creature Comforts

300+ presets in an eclectic range of styles, a powerful preset management system, backward compatibility with legacy Galileo presets, versatile arpeggiator with live & two program modes as well as many stepping algorithms, virtual ribbon controller with poly aftertouch, built in audio recording, looping & sharing, metronome, and stage-friendly fullscreen iPad control mode…these are only some of the conveniences that come with playing on a Galileo 2.