KingB Organ: Long Live the Tonewheel!

KingB Organ: Virtual Analog Tonewheel Organ

Here be the fruit of our next generation virtual-analog technology, as conceived and implemented from scratch. Capture the unique tones of the "B" and "C" series organs through tonewheels that generate sound in realtime. Recreate the complex interplay of parts and components that make the organ "sing." Full Mojo. Absolutely no samples!

KingB is our most faithful reproduction of these legendary organs yet. Complete with all new rotary cabinet and amp emulations, a collection of custom tuned FX, gig-ready MIDI and AUv3 features, KingB will fill the room with its rich, 3-dimensional organ tones.

Remaking the 'B' in the Digital

The intricate network of tonewheels, rotor elements, electronic components, and even wiring harnesses is carefully recreated in the digital realm. The hundreds of internal parameters are synthesized into a convenient set of user preferences. Alter the tonality, or change the quirks of the underlying instrument. Capture the variations in tone and feel found across different organ builds. Add artifacts from aging or out-of-spec components, all for an unmistakably analog sound.

New Rotary & Amp Modeling

We extended the new tech to our cabinet & amp sims as well. These fresh cabinet emulations are a deep dive into the 3D aural candy of those famous spinners. Each of the six cabinets features unique tonal and modulation properties. Combined with microphone and room modeling parameters, you are able dial in many shades of lush, room-filling rotary tones.

Cabinets can be paired with any of the four amp models powered by our Virtual Tube technology. An additional guitar amp bus, with three amp models to choose from, opens the path to heavier sonic explosions.

Built-In FX

A set of carefully selected pre- and post-amplification effects helps expand KingB's sonic realm. Pre FX include a preamp/overdrive box with mid boost switch, a 10-band EQ, vintage-style wah with auto option, virtual tape delay that's capable of self-oscillating feedback, chorus/flanger modulation, and boingy spring reverb. Post FX include multi-parameter compressor, 15 band graphic EQ, and algorithmic reverb with 7 room types, adjustable predelay, decay, and tone.

Pro Features

KingB includes 3 manuals, each with its own drawbar sets. Upper and lower manuals each have 12 silent switching drawbar registers. Over 130 MIDI parameters can be learned and saved into map files. Factory presets include over 110 sounds varying from laid back Jazz ditties to gnarly, Purple-colored distortion extravaganzas. KingB comes packaged with its AUv3 plugin in one universal binary that can also run on Apple Silicon powered computers.