Meet MegaSynth

The long-awaited, fully-featured analog modeling synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch has arrived! Developed by the same team behind the highly successful miniSynth, MegaSynth is packed with features that will keep the synth enthusiasts drooling for a good while. With its 3 true-analog-modeling VCOs, 5-note polyphony, dedicated LFOs, built-in sequencer, arpeggiator/chordmaker and recording feature, MegaSynth delivers a complete mobile synthesizer package that compromises none of that classic, luscious analog synth tone.

Bucketful of Tone, Not Tone in a Bucket

Designed with the true analog sound in the programmers' heart and mind...unlike its competitors, MegaSynth places its emphasis on the tone, and not on playing back prerecorded samples. The sound waves are generated and sculpted as you press the keys, giving MegaSynth a "soul" lacking in most other synths for the platform.

The Filter

Whereas the oscillators do the talkin', it's the filter that does the walkin'. With its specially-crafted, carefully-tuned envelope filter, MegaSynth sculpts the sound as you'd expect from an 80-lbs wood-and-transistor masterpiece. With a full ADSR envelope, this filter will walk all over you.


MegaSynth provides you with 3 independent LFO's with which you can modulate the pitch, VCF or the amplitude. Each one configurable with 7 waveforms, pitch and octave settings.

Presets Endless

MegaSynth comes from the factory with a whopping 209 presets. However, we consider this just a jumping board for you to start experimenting with your own sounds. Hence, MegaSynth includes the ability to save an indefinite number of user presets.

A Sequence of Notes

MegaSynth has an extremely easy to use linear sequencer built in. Very few other synths can say that! Launch, select a box and hit somewhere on the keyboard, and you have entered a note in the sequence! Vary the tempo and the note values now or later as you wish, and save the whole thing when you think you're done.

The List Goes On...

With countless other features including recording, modulation FX, accel mod control, unique arpeggiator/chordmaker, and 5-note polyphony, (read the specs to soak it all in), MegaSynth is one monster of a synth designed with the pro in mind, but priced less than a fast food hamburger. No regrets here.