Beware of Impersonators!

Trusty, easy-to-use, chock-full-of analog goodness. miniSynth is the first and the original synthesizer for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. Its persistence in satisfying tonebuds is attested by its undying popularity. Nominated for the 2008 Best App Ever awards, miniSynth combines features that professional sound-making machines of the golden age of analog synths with an elegant simplicity that makes it suited for all playing situations, whether ripping out at a gig or noodling on a commuter bus. Furthermore, it is the only synth in its class that provides recording and export/import features. Where else can you get such bang for your buck?

Analog Tone

We are commited to making an instrument sound as it should. With its twin VCOs and obsessively faithful virtual-analog sound sythesis, miniSynth will nail *that* tone to a T and send it to mother.

2.0...Now Recording

miniSynth now enables you to record, playback save and export your performances. With a built-in file browser and easy Wi-Fi file transfer, why let cool ideas fly you by?

Holy Simplicity

Simple is beautiful, no doubt. miniSynth packages its hefty features in a form so simple and elegant, that even complete novices can get from 0 to 60 in five seconds.

Tried and True

With 80,000+ users, miniSynth has already featured in many recordings by professional and amateur bands. Hence, delivering reliability and quality are of prime importance to us with every update.