The first professional iOS Synthesizer designed for Guitar...

It's a guitarist's dream come true… no special synth pickup needed - just plug your guitar into your iPad and play!

A Synth for the Guitar

SHREDDER was designed specifically with your axe in mind. Easily use your iPad guitar jack of choice, or the iPad's built in microphone to communicate with SHREDDER. Adjust the Guitar Mix level in the Control Panel to get just the right amount of synth and guitar. Use the Input Sensitivity and Decay Threshold sliders to find the "sweet spot" for your guitar.

True Analog Synth Engine

No samples here! Just a delicious FM/Subtractive fully programmable hybrid synth engine. MMMMM! SHREDDER comes packed with two oscillators; 3-pass custom resonant filter; dual individually configurable LFOs; dedicated filter, amp, and FM ADSR envelopes; and so much more! SHREDDER's sound is a force to be reckoned with!

MIDI Monster

SHREDDER fully harnasses the power of MIDI goodness. Use it to control your favorite virtual MIDI iPad synths, hook up your external keyboard controller, or even connect your hardware MIDI devices to SHREDDER and have your guitar do all the work...

Powerful Stomp Boxes

Of course our devotion to the guitar wouldn't be complete without our signature FX stomp boxes. Use Fuzz Goblin for scary distortion, Ghoul Vibrations for vibrato or chorus effects, and Echo-Plasm for delay and reverb.